Kangasaraus Rex

Well Done to Us!

I have to be clear upfront, I’m not one to normally blow the bugle too ferociously but thought this news time it was worth a good old fashioned hard blow. A little stoked to announce our ‘Kangarsaurus Rex’ picked up a bronze in the One Eyeland Awards, CGI Artist Category. A whopping 4319 images were uploaded from 65 countries.

A power jury comprising 19 of the finest photographers, art directors and creative directors sifted through the entries and handpicked the winners – and we were one of them!

We worked closely with CG Artist Paul Gawman to create Kanga Rex. From my first sighting of the Northern NSW Environment, where we knew he’d fit right in, to the final CG creature creation we knew we were on the right trajectory.

I spent a long afternoon searching for, finding and shooting the ‘pre-historic Aussie rain forest’ resulting in one kick-my-ass Backplate! To check out this Backplate and more Landscape options visit Bear Stock

Happy with my shots I then dedicated time to grading and finessing the selected image – to create the perfect home, ready to share with Paul as the environment for our feisty new friend and his buddies. Together we worked holistically on the project –  extracted the lighting and environment reflections from the 360º Hdri Dome I shot in conjunction with the Backplate to assist with the creature and environment lighting and honed the detail on our Primeval Marsupial.

The result was one project well worth the hours of effort.