Just call me Hunter

The brief from the Head Chef at the multi-award winning Fish Cafe Balgowlah was open and yet specific: He needed a symbolic image to communicate their personalised service and hands on approach, their daily selection of seafood from the markets, the on-site preparation and cooking to a restaurant and retail outlet specialising in Wild caught Seafood. This was a challenge but one we took on with conviction.

To imply or suggest the Wild caught aspect we shot their fresh iced fish display and in keeping with the theme a 3D brown bear was created and combined with the fish shop background in post. The single fish shot on location (and held on the shoot day by our Chef) became the catch for our 3D bear – paws and claws replacing hands. The tightening claws to suggest a firm grip on the catch!

The Bear’s lighting came from a 360º HDRi Dome shot on location to match the background. The 3D Bear, the fish display and his catch all combine to bring the brief to life.

We think Hunter’s comfortable in his new environment and we hope you look forward to seeing more of him in his new role with the rest of the team at Bear Stock